Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013

Also wanted to mention that  yesterday my Dad has been gone 5 years.
Love and miss you everyday Dad.
I am so proud of my husband.  He has been on a weight loss journey and has to this point lost 40 lbs!!!! Yes 40. He has done so well and I am cheering for him and wishing I had lost that too.  He is so strong and on his way to a slim and sexy new body.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hey there to anyone that is still bothering to "check" to see if I have posted anything.  Well here I am.
Cadence about a month old  Dec 2011

Jan 2012
Feb 2012

Crazy snow/ice pic see the #3

Feb 25th 2012

Degan and his phone

April 2012

LOVE this Degan picture

Easter Ears 2012

Kid after my own heart "coke"

May 2012

Seth and Baseball (anytime of year)

Seth hiking above Boulder

Cadence 11/27/2012

Diana &Cadence on C's 1st bday

1st bday balloons

Halloween  2012


Grandpa & Cadence eating applesauce

When I grow up I want to be a Play Station 3

Sibling love 

Seth playing saxophone in jazz band festival.

Life has been so busy and wonderful.  Kids, grandkids and life in general. A catch up of our year in pictures.
No crafting time...too busy

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

11-8-2011 post sit down. Yes I am posting. 
Busy busy time at our casa and I have been having MAJOR computer problems. Yes with the computer where all my pictures are loaded. 
So haven't posted.  Tried a few time but it was a major pain in the +++ and I just gave up and threw in the towel. 
I now  have gotten a few things up and running and so I'll try and be more regular about posting. 

Here is the low down on what has been happening in our lives. 

-HUGE busy summer starting with E's high school graduation. 
-Then our normal baseball summer.
-Back to school and E off to college at CU Boulder.
-Then baby shower for Diana.
-MIL had a BAD fall at work and was hospitalized for a week, then has been           recovering at home for a subdural hematoma. So I have to a lot of Dr apts and evaluation apt to see about her returning to work in the elementary school kitchen where she fell. 
-AND Yesterday we welcomed our new grand baby Cadence Marie. She was born at 4:14 pm 6 lbs 13 oz and 21" long.  She is just beautiful and Mom and baby are doing great and Daddy and big bro Degan are thrilled. Made a big typo on facebook and said 16 lbs!!***!!! Diana just laughed and said "Mom. one look at the picture and people know she doesn't weight 16 lbs!!!" Glad she had a good sense of humor about it.... I was so mortified by the typo and afraid she would be hurt but she just laughed.  Thank you God. 
So that is what's been happening. 
Now for photos:
Baby shower invitation (I made 40 of these that says LOVE, right)
  Baby Cadence Marie
 Dad (Ryan) and big bro Degan.
 Mommy (Diana) and big bro Degan
 Grammie and Cadence