Tuesday, November 8, 2011

11-8-2011 post

Okay....so sit down. Yes I am posting. 
Busy busy time at our casa and I have been having MAJOR computer problems. Yes with the computer where all my pictures are loaded. 
So haven't posted.  Tried a few time but it was a major pain in the +++ and I just gave up and threw in the towel. 
I now  have gotten a few things up and running and so I'll try and be more regular about posting. 

Here is the low down on what has been happening in our lives. 

-HUGE busy summer starting with E's high school graduation. 
-Then our normal baseball summer.
-Back to school and E off to college at CU Boulder.
-Then baby shower for Diana.
-MIL had a BAD fall at work and was hospitalized for a week, then has been           recovering at home for a subdural hematoma. So I have to a lot of Dr apts and evaluation apt to see about her returning to work in the elementary school kitchen where she fell. 
-AND Yesterday we welcomed our new grand baby Cadence Marie. She was born at 4:14 pm 6 lbs 13 oz and 21" long.  She is just beautiful and Mom and baby are doing great and Daddy and big bro Degan are thrilled. Made a big typo on facebook and said 16 lbs!!***!!! Diana just laughed and said "Mom. one look at the picture and people know she doesn't weight 16 lbs!!!" Glad she had a good sense of humor about it.... I was so mortified by the typo and afraid she would be hurt but she just laughed.  Thank you God. 
So that is what's been happening. 
Now for photos:
Baby shower invitation (I made 40 of these babies...now that says LOVE, right)
  Baby Cadence Marie
 Dad (Ryan) and big bro Degan.
 Mommy (Diana) and big bro Degan
 Grammie and Cadence


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

my pinterest thing


Long time no see...write....

Sorry all,
 I know that you all are most likely ready to, if you haven't already given up on me.   But I am still alive and kicking.  Summer is a real busy time for our family.  Grandson Degan has been over daily for me to baby sit.  We have been busy getting Ethan ready to head to CU Boulder (August 18th).  Ethan is doing great...busy with a part time job and full load of classes.  It is nice that he is just up the road from us in Boulder.  He has been working just on the weekend and finds it easier to crash at our house and head to the job that back to campus. So we see him and his laundry most weekends.
We have a new grandbaby girl on her way and will arrive beginning of November.   So I have been planning a baby shower for this weekend. It is turning into a big event with lots of friends and family headed in from out of town.      So as you can see.......Life just keeps booking along.
I am adding my pinterest link so that you can at least check out what I am pinning on my boards.
Mostly baby shower stuff.   I will get some pictures of things that were created for the baby shower and get them on my blog.(in the VERY near future).
 I made 40 invitations,
Labeled H2O bottles with a cute poem of thanks to the guests. (thanks for the idea and tutorial Janelle Hayes!)  
I just finished up some candy pacifiers and will tackle candy coated pretzel rods and marshmallow baby with cute cupcake paper bonnets in the next two days  
We are serving egg quiche, veggies, bagels, a meat and cheese platters and spinach dip. We will have cake (with a baby hidden inside). We are having a favor buffet with all the candy things above. (Everything PINK of course.)  A few games and whew I'll be done.
I am really enjoying this whole baby girl thing.  My husband is very understanding and I think just a little sick of PINK candy everything. Did you know that they make PINK Whoppers!!!! They DO.  How great a find was that.  I am so glad to say that my daughter(actually step daughter, but you would never even know unless we tell you) is so much closer to my husband(her dad) and myself that when our grandson was born. We are so proud to her and her husband.  Great little family, that is growing by one.   I was hoping for twins but she was so relieved when the Dr said just one little girl.
Okay, I guess that is all I'll try and catch you up on.
Take care everyone and Say a prayer and drop by Janelle's blog http://www.showandtellblog.typepad.com/

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Busy Month of May

I have been working right now on thank you note for my graduating son and a high school album that I have been working on.  Missed that deadline,as he graduated May 28th.  Been super busy with his graduation, company coming to town and 2 graduation parties.  We had a family party (fun) and then the Mom's of E's group of friends rented out the outdoor pavilion and had a HUGE party for the boys and ALL of their friends. That was just FANTASTIC!!!! Everyone had such a great time and we fed about 100+ people.  Kids were everywhere. Even a few friends that had graduated a year or two before showed up. We had a volleyball net. badmittion net, bean bag toss, footballs, Frisbee, board games etc. The party was from 3 to 8 and we finally encouraged people to leave when it got dark.  It was so cool to see the friends all together.  Tons of Pictures and great memories.  I think that there are quite a few life long friendship in the group.

That is why I have been MIA 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cards and a page for High School Album

Just a few card that I had in my stash.
These  card are spring cards.
I used PTI stamps and dies. 

The first card uses Flower Fusion #1 stamps and die.
This card is using the PTI Sending You stamp set and die.
I used the stamp set to make the background paper.
A page for my son's high school album.  Documenting History.
My son also went to his Sr Prom so I will have to get those pictures developed and into the album.  Time is getting away from me.  I need to get a move on to get more pages done.
I just try and keep doing a page or two a day in hopes that I get most things done before graduation.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A few cards

A few baby cards that I have made lately.

Stamps of Life Bunny

The rest of these cards are made with odds and ends of papers and stamps that I have collected over the years.
See you all soon.
Thanks for stopping by.  Glad you returned since I have been quite for so long. 

Up date and new pictures

I have been out of touch.  I just haven't felt like posting.  I have been creating but not taking pictures or posting.   I took a bunch of pictures and will try to post a few pictures every few days.
These pictures are of pages that I have been working on for my son.  He is graduating in May and I am putting together a landscape album for him.  I am just including his High School years.  I have elementary  through mid school in an other album.  I wanted to have an album to display at his graduation party.  I have quite a few pictures to get documented before May.  But I am slowly chipping away at it.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Sorry that I have been MIA again.  I have been doing  MOM/WIFE things and haven't sat down to post.  All is fine and busy......just normal life.  I have a new "box from PTI",  will have to be playing soon.   I have been working on my son's high school album.  I need to take a few pictures and get then on the blog.
I seem to run in streaks of creativity and then nothing for a while.   Haven't done this or last weeks PTI's Make It Monday or any other challenges.   I will work on photographing my recent pages for my son's album in the morning when the light should be better and then I'll get them on here.
So thanks for checking in on me and my blog. Check back in the next few days for some new pictures.  THXS

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Make It Monday Paper Trey Ink Challenge FUN FOAM

On last Fun Foam Card.   Just in the nick of time.  Used PTI Dies and stamps for this "Tea Time" card.  Having only Orange, Black & Red fun foam really limited me.  Oh Well!
I have enjoyed this challenge and looking at everyones links too.
Great challenge and great cards.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Make It Monday Paper Trey Ink Challenge FUN FOAM

Make it Monday Fun Foam.
I was going through my "stash" and found the element that I used on this card.  I had actually made this card focal image in the past.... can't even remember when,  year or more ago.

Make It Monday Paper Trey Ink Challenge FUN FOAM

Then I gave it a few days and got back in the scrap room and worked some more with FUN FOAM.
I am working on a High School Album for my son that will graduate from high school in May.  I suddenly remembered that I had ORANGE fun foam to use in his album.  Grab that and since I was thinking high school I came up with this card based on his school colors.

Make It Monday Paper Trey Ink Challenge FUN FOAM

Make it Monday Fun Foam (card 2)
Again not much "mojo".

Make It Monday Paper Trey Ink Challenge FUN FOAM

Make it Monday Fun Foam.
Made this card out of the only fun foam I had.  Black that was adhesive backed and a red.  Ended up with a fun foam frame, heart and  sentiment bar. Not to much "mojo" on this card.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Miss another PRI challenge deadline....Use of scallops.

I used the Paper Trey Cloud Dies to make my scalloped boarder on these two cards.  
Was trying to think out of the "box"  with  scallops.  I think they turned out CUTE. 

WOULD LOVE FOR SOMEONE TO COMMENT ON MY BLOG.  Visiting is nice but let me know what you think of any or all of the things I  have created. THXS Y'all

Other glitter card creations.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Big OOPS on the Paper Trey challenge post

That is what I get for trying to add my card real quickly to the link last night.   I thumb nailed my pic instead of the card!!!!  and then I misspell Tape......Tap.  Oh well, thanks for clicking on that "face" and coming to see my card. Keeping it real.....Real Real.

Monday, February 21, 2011

More Paper Trey Ink missed challenges

Thought I would add a few more of the things that I created but didn't post in time.

Thanks for stopping by, Let me know what you think and that someone actually visited and checked out my blog.  Thanks

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Missing in action

Been SO out of it creatively and in general.  I just haven't had any  creative mojo . Some times you just don't have "IT".  If I have created any thing I just haven't be in the mood to photograph the project or card.
     I tried to play along with the PTI release challenges, got WAY behind with those.   So I didn't up my chances of winning a prize with a project entrance.  Didn't win any thing any way.   I have made a few of the challenges and will get them photoed and on the blog.
        I have been dealing with sick household around here and it seems that any time I about get a handle on things some thing else hits the fan.  Just found out that DH has a MAJOR impacted sinus infection that has in essence given him migraine headaches for the last 5(count em 5 )day. What is it with Dr's, it has taken us 5 days, 3 visits,3 shot in the behind and now today FINALLY a CT scan to PROVE what DH has been saying all along. Sinus>>> headaches.  So creative mojo time has been severely limited and most times I am  just to plan tuckered out to create or post. Sorry that is just the way it is sometimes.
    I have also been trying to help a important person in my life deal with some events in her life that are a major stressor for her. Been happy to help with that and guide her thinking about how her faith is to grow with these events.  Hard on her and her family.  But I know that "GOD has plans to prosper" their family through this.
    I also have been working on an album for our High School Senior.   I am doing a High school album and have a  dead line of May 28th.  Need to be working on that full time but every once in awhile I need to work on a card, something I can finish in an hour or so.   Long term projects tend to bog down on me.
   Well that is the end of these rambling thought for today. Hope to get back on the creative and posting train again and will be much more "avaliable"
See ya G