Saturday, February 26, 2011

Miss another PRI challenge deadline....Use of scallops.

I used the Paper Trey Cloud Dies to make my scalloped boarder on these two cards.  
Was trying to think out of the "box"  with  scallops.  I think they turned out CUTE. 

WOULD LOVE FOR SOMEONE TO COMMENT ON MY BLOG.  Visiting is nice but let me know what you think of any or all of the things I  have created. THXS Y'all

Other glitter card creations.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Big OOPS on the Paper Trey challenge post

That is what I get for trying to add my card real quickly to the link last night.   I thumb nailed my pic instead of the card!!!!  and then I misspell Tape......Tap.  Oh well, thanks for clicking on that "face" and coming to see my card. Keeping it real.....Real Real.

Monday, February 21, 2011

More Paper Trey Ink missed challenges

Thought I would add a few more of the things that I created but didn't post in time.

Thanks for stopping by, Let me know what you think and that someone actually visited and checked out my blog.  Thanks

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Missing in action

Been SO out of it creatively and in general.  I just haven't had any  creative mojo . Some times you just don't have "IT".  If I have created any thing I just haven't be in the mood to photograph the project or card.
     I tried to play along with the PTI release challenges, got WAY behind with those.   So I didn't up my chances of winning a prize with a project entrance.  Didn't win any thing any way.   I have made a few of the challenges and will get them photoed and on the blog.
        I have been dealing with sick household around here and it seems that any time I about get a handle on things some thing else hits the fan.  Just found out that DH has a MAJOR impacted sinus infection that has in essence given him migraine headaches for the last 5(count em 5 )day. What is it with Dr's, it has taken us 5 days, 3 visits,3 shot in the behind and now today FINALLY a CT scan to PROVE what DH has been saying all along. Sinus>>> headaches.  So creative mojo time has been severely limited and most times I am  just to plan tuckered out to create or post. Sorry that is just the way it is sometimes.
    I have also been trying to help a important person in my life deal with some events in her life that are a major stressor for her. Been happy to help with that and guide her thinking about how her faith is to grow with these events.  Hard on her and her family.  But I know that "GOD has plans to prosper" their family through this.
    I also have been working on an album for our High School Senior.   I am doing a High school album and have a  dead line of May 28th.  Need to be working on that full time but every once in awhile I need to work on a card, something I can finish in an hour or so.   Long term projects tend to bog down on me.
   Well that is the end of these rambling thought for today. Hope to get back on the creative and posting train again and will be much more "avaliable"
See ya G