Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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Long time no see...write....

Sorry all,
 I know that you all are most likely ready to, if you haven't already given up on me.   But I am still alive and kicking.  Summer is a real busy time for our family.  Grandson Degan has been over daily for me to baby sit.  We have been busy getting Ethan ready to head to CU Boulder (August 18th).  Ethan is doing great...busy with a part time job and full load of classes.  It is nice that he is just up the road from us in Boulder.  He has been working just on the weekend and finds it easier to crash at our house and head to the job that back to campus. So we see him and his laundry most weekends.
We have a new grandbaby girl on her way and will arrive beginning of November.   So I have been planning a baby shower for this weekend. It is turning into a big event with lots of friends and family headed in from out of town.      So as you can see.......Life just keeps booking along.
I am adding my pinterest link so that you can at least check out what I am pinning on my boards.
Mostly baby shower stuff.   I will get some pictures of things that were created for the baby shower and get them on my blog.(in the VERY near future).
 I made 40 invitations,
Labeled H2O bottles with a cute poem of thanks to the guests. (thanks for the idea and tutorial Janelle Hayes!)  
I just finished up some candy pacifiers and will tackle candy coated pretzel rods and marshmallow baby with cute cupcake paper bonnets in the next two days  
We are serving egg quiche, veggies, bagels, a meat and cheese platters and spinach dip. We will have cake (with a baby hidden inside). We are having a favor buffet with all the candy things above. (Everything PINK of course.)  A few games and whew I'll be done.
I am really enjoying this whole baby girl thing.  My husband is very understanding and I think just a little sick of PINK candy everything. Did you know that they make PINK Whoppers!!!! They DO.  How great a find was that.  I am so glad to say that my daughter(actually step daughter, but you would never even know unless we tell you) is so much closer to my husband(her dad) and myself that when our grandson was born. We are so proud to her and her husband.  Great little family, that is growing by one.   I was hoping for twins but she was so relieved when the Dr said just one little girl.
Okay, I guess that is all I'll try and catch you up on.
Take care everyone and Say a prayer and drop by Janelle's blog http://www.showandtellblog.typepad.com/