Thursday, June 9, 2011

Busy Month of May

I have been working right now on thank you note for my graduating son and a high school album that I have been working on.  Missed that deadline,as he graduated May 28th.  Been super busy with his graduation, company coming to town and 2 graduation parties.  We had a family party (fun) and then the Mom's of E's group of friends rented out the outdoor pavilion and had a HUGE party for the boys and ALL of their friends. That was just FANTASTIC!!!! Everyone had such a great time and we fed about 100+ people.  Kids were everywhere. Even a few friends that had graduated a year or two before showed up. We had a volleyball net. badmittion net, bean bag toss, footballs, Frisbee, board games etc. The party was from 3 to 8 and we finally encouraged people to leave when it got dark.  It was so cool to see the friends all together.  Tons of Pictures and great memories.  I think that there are quite a few life long friendship in the group.

That is why I have been MIA 


  1. I think it's now time for a "Month of June" post! lol :)

  2. Well, I figured it was about time that I came to visit your blog, Ginna. :) Looks like you're at a very busy time of life! When my daughter graduated from high school I got her album finished before the big day. My son... not so much. Poor guy. He's 25 and still doesn't have an album. Hmmm. This may be the right time to get back to that. Better start digging the stuff out!!!